Fazayal Shabbir, author of ‘City Under Curfew and other stories’ – Bestseller Short Stories in India

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In an interview with Fazayal Shabbir, an emerging author in Fiction:

Through the short stories in your latest book ‘City under Curfew’, you have made a great contribution to contemporary literature. It is a privilege to be associated with you and I express my wish to gain a deeper insight into your personality as an author.
1. Your stories surely tell that you are extremely observant and ponder over minute details. Have you revolved your stories around real incidents or are the stories purely fictional? 
The stories on the whole are fictional. However, some incidents and situations have been inspired from my life and those of people around me. I like to present minute details of the story because I want the readers to feel that they are actually in the story and get more involved.
2. Being a writer,  who has been your biggest inspiration so far? 
I started reading fiction pretty late in life. However, once I started, I realised how much I had missed in life. I read lots of fiction by Indian as well as foreign authors. I got highly influenced by O Henry, Premchand, Manto, RK Narayan, Jeffrey Archer, Mario Puzo among many others. Also, I was motivated a lot by a few friends who used to review my stories and give feedback about the same for improvement. I am very thankful to them
3. What was the most difficult part in the release of your book? 
Any book has three parts in it’s journey. First is writing it, second is getting it released and third is selling it. It would come as a surprise to many that writing is the easiest part of the three. Then starts the difficult part of getting it published. Publishing industry works a bit slow. Getting a good publisher who would support the author is very difficult. Thankfully after following up with many publishers I finally got a supportive publisher and things were largely smooth after that.
4. Do your stories contain any secrets that only a few people who personally know you will understand? 
As said earlier, some of the situations are inspired by real incidents of my life. So people who are aware of these incidents would understand them.
5. What do you do for a livelihood? 
I work for a Telecom company.
6. When do you plan to release your next book? 
I would start working on my next book this year. It is going to be a novel. Should release by next year, if everything goes smooth.
7. Any advice to budding writers? 
Read as much as possible. Take regular feedback of your work from correct people and improve. Don’t focus on quantity while writing but quality.
8. Anything else you would like to share with the readers of this interview
A request to the readers to read my book. It is available on Amazon on Kindle as well as Paperback. You would enjoy these stories. These stories are about common people and their struggles. Would love to hear their feedback.


  1. Abbas

    July 5, 2019

    Your stories deal with day to day happenings of common man’s life. Wish to explore more of your literary adventures…
    Bless you

  2. Anil Arta

    July 5, 2019

    Awesome…work..fazayal shabbir..great work…always pays back great..we are waiting for ur next issue…keep going.. All the best..
    Anil Arya.


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