Alveera Pinto Fernandes, Mrs. India Curvy Winner – A former Vasaikar

Event: Mrs India Curvy pageant
Date  : 14 to 16 June
Place : Eskay Resorts (Mumbai) 

In an interview with Alveera Pinto Fernandes, Mrs. India Curvy Winner:

Through your participation in the pageant and winning ‘Ms Curvy Earth’ you have created a wonderful image and we are so proud of your achievement. It is a privilege to be associated with you and I express my wish to gain a deeper insight into your personality.
1. What inspired you to participate in the Ms Curvy Earth pageant? 
With a title comes great responsibility to do something for the community.Somewhere down the line I knew this platform would surely make me live my dreams and also would help me to something for the community.
2. Could you share some of the challenges you faced while preparing to contest in the pageant?
The challenges were to prepare the costumes for each rounds, to handle lot of pressure basically managing time as all the rounds were back to back.
3. Did you have a mentor to guide you through the process?
My National director Mrs Jazpreet was a great support throughout.
4. Are you career oriented? What profession suits you the most?
I am career oriented however modelling is my passion and it makes me happy.
5. The best lesson you learnt from fellow contestants. 
We were competitors however each and every one helped each other. The bond that we all contestants developed was amazing. I am sure this will stay with for life.
6. Any social cause you wish to work towards? 
I would surely like to be associated towards girl child education.
7. If given a chance,  would you be interested in joining the entertainment industry?
Yes I would love to be part of it.
8. Your philosophy of life.
Believe in yourself and be confident and everything falls in place.
9. Lend us some beauty tips 🙂
Eat healthy and stay healthy. Drink plenty of water
10. Any message to future contestants?
Believe in yourself and be confident that you can make a difference.



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