CYDA celebrates International Day of Charity on 5th September 2022


International Day of Charity

CYDA is celebrating 1st – 5th September as Charity Week as a lead-up to the International Day of Charity on 5th September. As part of this celebration, we have some very simple challenges planned for you to help you experience the joy of giving.

📆Day1: 1st September 2022

🙂Theme: The Gift of Smile!

Smile with the cleaning staff or security guard of your building/ society/ workplace.
Smile with the bus conductor of the bus you travel by.
Smile with the vegetable vendor, milkman, or any such service provider.
Smile with your grandparents, parents, brother, or sister.
Smile with your colleagues with whom you have a difficulty in talking.
Smile with someone you dislike.

Pick out any one of the above-mentioned activities, complete it, take a 📸selfie and tag us in it along with #CYDACharityWeek to let us know about your act of kindness.

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